The Low Code Revolution Is Real

When you’re an early-stage founder the most important thing is to get your idea in front of customers. Build something quickly. Use it to figure out what people want and what they will pay.

Don’t spend all your time and money with developers building something that will inevitably change.

There’s a shift happening in software.

We are the maker generation.

There’s a growing expectation that we’ll design and build our own experiences. The low code revolution is real.

Gone are the days when companies deployed one big piece of software (think SAP) and everyone was forced to use it in the way it was dictated.

What happened was the explosion of apps. Business owners can solve their own problems without developers. Suddenly we have thousands of apps to choose from and it’s easy to buy and implement whatever is needed.

Everyone’s a maker

We can solve our own problems when we are given the ability – and do a much better job. The tools that are part of the low code movement, tools like Airtable and Zapier, are generating an explosion of creativity as people use these tools to build things and solve problems.

What do you want to build?