What Is It?

Coda docs are like Google Docs with superpowers. It's not just word processing. You can create an app within your document that lets you do all sorts of things such as automate your workflows and generate dashboards from your data.

Think of it like a canvas that blends text, databases, spreadsheets and apps.

So what you can create is an interactive document. You can tell stories about your data by automatically embedding metrics. You can make your documents functional by adding buttons and workflows.

All this is a done through a powerful programming language that lets you embed tables, filter the data, and use elements like buttons, sliders and graphs.

Why Use it?

Create tools and apps to run your business

You can build something that fits the specific needs of your business without the large overhead of custom built software.

In every company, the secret sauce doesn’t fit in packaged software that the company uses for its workflows,” says Coda board member Hemant Taneja, a managing director at venture firm General Catalyst. “It’s in one or two people that have been there a long time that have a unique way of doing business. What Coda does is to let you institutionalize that secret sauce.

Test out your ideas quickly and put them in front of your potential customers.

Create an early version of an app in a short space of team with minimum resources.

Who uses Coda and how?

The type of users and what they use it for is incredibly broad. Intercom use it very heavily throughout the organisation.

It started in our R&D team using it for roadmap planning and goal tracking. What’s particularly interesting is how quickly it spread into other parts of the business. Just yesterday, someone in the product marketing team shared a Coda doc with me that’s acting as the entire project plan and content repository for another whole of our marketing site we’re working on. I absolutely love it. I love seeing people find new and interesting ways to use Coda, because it’s such a great tool.

Smaller companies use it to run their business

There’s a company in Virginia called Hudson Henry Granola, and they run their entire business out of Coda. They built this really cool time card system and time-tracking system. We see this pattern all the time, especially in smaller businesses. They’ll take all the building blocks and build up this one big thing, but with a larger business we’ll see that they’ll learn one pattern and break apart different solutions in different places. But it’s the same idea. Once you learn this new set of building blocks, there’s literally no end of the places you can use it.

Some things we've built using Coda

Event Management App

Automatically generates tasks for planning and running an event.

Create a template of all your event management tasks and when you add a new event these tasks are automatically populated as a to-do list.

This app can be used for managing anything which consists of the same set of tasks. We use it at Block & Table to automatically populate a list of recurring admin tasks to be done on a weekly basis.

The Planting Festival App

The Planting Festival is held each year at Woodfordia. Festival goers plant trees on the beautiful 500 acre festival site. In 2019 there was a total of 17 planting areas. A support crew delivered tools and trees to each of these areas as well as handling support requests during the festival.

A Coda doc was created to manage logistics.

Supertrader Checklist

A trading journal for traders.

Project Management Tool

Simple project management tool we use internally at Block & Table