How Companies Automate Lead Management With Zapier

How can you have an effective lead management strategy on a tight budget? These are some ways in which companies have used Zapier to automate some of the many moving parts in the lead management process.

How do you keep track of people filling out your Facebook Lead Ads? You don't want too much of a delay getting back to them right? However, there's no easy way to keep on top of it other than checking your Facebook Page multiple times a day. This is where Zapier comes in. This post tells you how you can set up Zapier to watch your Facebook Lead Ad for new leads and then automatically get a notification in whatever tool suits you eg SMS, email, slack etc.

How to Instantly Follow Up on Facebook Lead Ads With Custom Notifications

The better option is to automate things and make custom notifications for new Facebook Lead Ads that let you know whenever a new lead comes in, automatically. App automation tool Zapier is designed just for that. You tell Zapier to watch your Facebook Lead Ad for new entries, then set how you want Zapier to let you know—via SMS, email, push notification, Slack message, and more. The next time someone fills out your Facebook Lead Ad, you'll know instantly—no need to download a spreadsheet file again.

Take a look at this detailed case study from Rae Hoffman. It steps through how she connects Gravity Forms and Pipedrive to capture leads and then how she uses Zapier to automate manual steps within Pipedrive. It has saved several days’ worth of manual effort plus fewer leads are falling through the cracks. Rae says that their revenue has increased through being much more organised.

How using Zapier coupled with Pipedrive revolutionized our lead management process

While Pipedrive is a fantastic tool, you still need to do quite a bit of data entry to transfer your leads into its system when you use it as a standalone service. I wanted to have my cake (using a CRM tool to keep our lead management organized) and eat it too (shave time off our lead management process).

Startup company Dollar Flight Club needed a way to to get their advertising leads into a CRM so that they could follow up. They use Typeform to capture the leads, Hubspot CRM to create and manage deals and Slack for team communication and to keep on top of everything. They use Zapier to connect these tools and automate steps in the process.

How the Bootstrapped Dollar Flight Club Uses Zapier to Manage Leads

These Zaps allow us to funnel new leads into our pipeline and clearly communicate in real-time that they're being added to the funnel. It gives us the correct information to efficiently execute on them.