Guide to Organising Your Grant Applications in Airtable

Applying for grants is time consuming. Being organised is the key which is where Airtable comes in.

This is a fantastic comprehensive guide to grant management covering the benefits you'll get from having a system through to all the functionality you can implement. It's a great resource for ideas especially if you're considering customising an Airtable template to create your own system.

Keys to Succeeding in Grant Management

A grant management system streamlines the grant process by helping you identify prospective funders, track the success of proposals, monitor the progress of each grant, and gather the information you need for each report. By developing a system to identify all the requirements and responsibilities, you’ll save time and money in the long run.

You don't need to start from scratch if you use Airtable to manage your grant applications. Start with a template and then customise it to suit your processes. You end up getting exactly what you want and you have the flexibility of changing and expanding as your needs change.

Nonprofit Grant Tracker

Sending out a high volume of grant applications, tracking their status, managing your contact list and keeping an eye on upcoming opportunities can feel a lot like juggling. With this non-profit grant tracking template, you can do it all in one, easy-to-manage interface that not only keeps you on top of various deadlines and dependencies, but allows you to collaborate effectively with your team.

The Airtable Universe is a community resource where anyone can share what they have developed including the database that you can copy and modify for your own purposes. This is a grant template that an organisation uses for networking, grant sourcing, grant processing, and grant monitoring.

Overdeck Family Foundation Grantmaking Template

At Overdeck Family Foundation, we strive to use data to continuously learn, improve, and work more effectively and efficiently. We chose to use Airtable because we needed a flexible data system that could accommodate our orientation towards iteration.