How New Users Get Started With Zapier

Process Street are avid users of Zapier and have written a great beginners guide which steps through the process of creating a Zap from beginning to activating it.

What Is Zapier? The Essential (Unknown) Time Saver

Through combinations of “and” and “or” filters (parameters which must either all be met, or only one fulfilled, respectively), you can turn even the most basic of zaps into a veritable army of automation.

Interesting insights into Zapier from the CEO, Wade Foster. It covers marketing, fundraising, product features and has examples on how companies are introduced to and get hooked on Zapier.

Zapier’s Wade Foster on bringing easy automation to the enterprise

It allows any type of person, whether you’re technical or not technical, to quickly set up these integrations that let you automate some of the routine stuff. An easy example is anytime you get an email with an attachment, you can automatically save that attachment to Dropbox or Box. Or, if someone fills out a form on your site, you can automatically put them into Intercom so you can follow up with them. Little things that you would end up doing manually, Zapier can just automate away so you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Getting started with Zapier can be challenging at first. As a brand new user it can be hard to envisage what you might do with it. Once you've created a few automations however it's much easier to come up with new ideas on what you can do to save time and improve processes. This article from PC Mag gives 10 popular use cases to get you started.

10 Zapier Automations Anyone Can Use in the Workplace

Zapier is one of our favorite business tools here at PCMag. The platform is one of our Editors’ Choice picks for productivity solutions, and we are continually impressed with the updates the company has added over the years. Simply put, connecting a wide array of different application functionalities together is immensely helpful and easy to set up in Zapier.