How To Save Money With Zapier

A Digital Agency Saves 30 Hours a Week Automating with ManyChat and Zapier

This was a very time-consuming process that's now automated by Zapier," says founder and CEO, Mary Kathryn Johnson. "Zapier saves my team two hours per client.

A Small Team Closes More Deals and Saves 2 Hours Per Day with Zapier

With a small team, it'd be easy for all the day-to-day menial work and tasks to overwhelm the folks behind Total CSR. Instead, they use Zapier as they would hired help, automating administrative tasks to free up their schedules for critical work.

Zapier Saves a Startup's Founder 40 Hours—Each Month

Zapier saves me at least 40 hours a month. And as we plan to grow, we will rely more on Zapier.

Financial Planners Save $200 Every Week with Zapier

Zapier saves me at least an hour per week, which at my billing rate of $200 per hour, has quite an impact on my bottom line!

A Realtor Reduces Her Time Spent Managing Leads by 40% with Zapier

Automating with Zapier cuts the time I spend inputting data into my CRM by at least 30-40%

How Clearbit & Zapier Help an Admissions Team Double Their Efficiency

Small teams have to be smart teams, so Aaron and the Designation team have automated as much as they could, and add more workflows often. These Zaps are the biggest difference makers for Designation.